Target Setting

Curriculum targets are set for the end of each term across each subject and therapeutic area for each Learning Chapter, Spirit, Flair and Charisma

i.e. the achievement expected of a child based on their ability and personal potential in each area, with their own profile in terms of strengths and challenges in mind

These are reviewed regularly as part of assessment of and for learning, and more formally on learning plans at the end of each term

These targets will be the stepping stones along a student's pathway which take them to their attainment target and the realisation of their potential.

Through Charisma, students will be aware of their projected end of key stage attainment targets based on their KS4 starting points.  Throughout their KS4 courses formative and summative assessment will provide a measure of progress towards GCSE targets or other

At Abbot’s Way, we ensure that students' curriculum targets are:

Relevant:    student-led and personalised

Realistic:     aspirational and achievable

Reviewed:  analysed and evaluated