‘See- Hear- Do’ Assessment

Our students learn in different ways, and so we assess our students in different ways to ensure a holistic measure of progress.

We teach the way our students learn, and we assess the way our students learn, and sometimes in the way they naturally do not, so that they become accustomed to and supported in preparation for exams in the future.  This preparation increases as students move through our learning chapters Spirit and Flair, into Charisma.

‘SEE, HEAR, DO’ Challenges are carried out by our students each half term in each subject, using a range of multi-sensory methods, evidencing formative, ongoing assessment.

These are not standardised tests.  

These are inspiring, motivational challenges achieved as part of a learning session or set of sessions, which could be projects, models, posters, short videos, pieces of writing, drama sketches…. The list is endless.

Students are part of assessing Challenge outcomes through self and peer assessment.  They also set some of their own for their peers.

The collective outcome of a student’s ‘See-Hear-Do’ Challenges for each curriculum area (both skills and knowledge) are reported to parents half termly, evidencing summative assessment.