Progress tracking



forward movement towards a destination

Students create and build a personal progress pathway, for each curriculum area, so that they have a visual of their progress towards achieving their potential through learning plans

Outcomes from See-Hear-Do Challenges will be added to their path so that they can watch their progress.

Challenge outcomes will be recorded and reported as a measure of progress towards achieving the targets set, both curriculum and end of key stage

Students are ‘thriving’ if their attainment remains consistently on track to achieve their target.  

Students are ‘discovering’ if their attainment is generally on track to achieve their target with some inconsistencies.

Students are ‘exploring’  if their attainment is working towards being on track to achieve their target.

Where students remain 'exploring’ or ‘discovering’, an intervention will be appropriately implemented in order to support a student in making expected progress and be recorded as ‘thriving’.