Nurture Programme


care for and protect someone while they are growing.

Our specialist Nurture team leads a bespoke, dynamic and continually developing programme, from which all of our young people benefit.

Focusing on various strands of social communication, a variety of activities are used to explore a range of crucial themes which build progressively throughout Years 4-11.

'Nurture' supports students in making progress towards their potential and is part of our proactive approach, so that we ‘catch our students before they fall’ and boost self-esteem and self-belief in order that they can make the progress of which they are capable, and thrive.

Our cohesive curriculum is student-led, developing an understanding of young peoples' emotional challenges, to enable effective supportive activities to be devised on a child by child basis.  

Our physical environment is naturally peaceful and calm, with a range of spaces that can be used fluidly. 

 'Nurture' is delivered wherever is appropriate during each specific session for the students involved.  That may be our 'Zen Den' - a calm space for grounding and reflection, quiet social time, small group  / 1:1 work and therapy.  It could be The Hub, a social space in the centre of our ground floor, at the heart of our schoolhouse.  It could be in the Library, another smaller space with a peaceful feel. It may be outdoors in part of our extensive grounds.  Nurture sessions are flexible and adapted to the profiles of the students' involved.  

Progress is recorded, monitored and analysed through the programme to ensure that students meet their personal targets.

Nurture Programme Abbot's Way School