Life Beyond Abbot's Way

Our mission is to enable Year 11 students to be confidently equipped to move on, carrying with them a valuable armoury of skills, knowledge, values, and memories which will serve to support them lifelong.

The courage, independence, resilience and self esteem which we instil in our young people is key in their transition and journey beyond Abbot’s Way.

We have a continually developing programme to effect a smooth, exciting transition to suitable KS5 provisions

Year 11 is our LEAP year

jump or spring a long way, to a great height





The transition will include:

Networking with appropriate KS5 provisions to build links and relationships between different environments, staff and students; mutual visits, shared events.

Research into a range of careers and employment opportunities, including pathways prior to and beyond those

Amanuensis training for students in the effective use of scribes, readers, oral language modifiers, prompts as part of future exam access arrangements.

Local Authority liaison to ensure EHCP students continue to receive the recommended and necessary provision beyond Abbot’s Way.


Life After Abbots Way School