a daring journey

dare to do something

Just as we have our ‘Nurture’ programme, so we have ‘Venture’, our trip, activity and events programme, which takes our students beyond desks, beyond walls, beyond Abbot’s Way….

‘Leave the roads; take the trails’

  • Vibrancy
  • Enterprise
  • Nature
  • Teambuilding
  • Understanding
  • Resilience
  • Exploration

Our calendar is building with an exciting and varied set of student- centred experiences, which:

enrich and enhance our holistic, Learn To Thrive curriculum

support acquisition and development of our Abbot’s Way Skill Sets

encourage our students to ‘dare to learn’

encourage enquiry, exploration and and discovery

'Venture' programme will launch with our Welcome Days, which will provide a vibrant, settling induction for our students across the first two days of term - see ‘Parents’ - ‘Calendar’

Curriculum Venture Days take place regularly throughout each term, taking learning in a particular curriculum area ‘whole school’ and engaging students in multisensory activities to embed knowledge and provide essential memory hooks.  'Venture' promotes 'learning by doing' and takes students outside wherever possible

Venture Camps are planned for the coming year for both of our learning chapters, Spirit and Flair. Camps will be on site or local to Abbot's Way, and provide an exciting opportunity for independence, challenge and self-discovery.  

This Camp strand of Venture prepares students for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award scheme which commences in Year 9.  Duke of Edinburgh is proven to develop and enhance social skills and those which sit within our key skill sets 

remember… create...apply