Learning Chapters

Abbot's Way Learning Chapters are hierarchical only in terms of age range and of the progressive layering and cyclical re-visiting of knowledge along the journey through them.

Our Chapters are not hierarchical in terms of the level of personal progress expected to be made within each one, and their names reflect that.

Each of Spirit, Flair and Charisma encourage and enable students to excel within it and make expected progress in line with their potential.

Each chapter's name reflects the individual ‘brilliance’ which our exceptional students possess.

Within each Chapter there will be individual stages of progression for specific students in terms of 'exploring', 'discovering' and 'thriving' as a measure of their progress. 

Students will 'thrive' within each Chapter, symbolising that they are on track to achieve their targets. 

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Meet our Chapters.

Let’s start from the top...


Charisma launches in 2022 with Year 10 and with Year 11 in 2023!

Our provision is on the drawing board with the design process underway.  

We are taking the time necessary to research, resource and tailor a range of relevant programmes suitable for a range of abilities and interests. Many of our students will opt for the GCSE and BTEC route or the equivalent, which will be the core offer alongside appropriate suitable alternatives for those requiring a different pathway.

Our approach to learning will be as forward-thinking as that already in place for Years 3-9, to ensure that Years 10 and 11 have the skill sets necessary to successfully process, sequence, plan, manipulate and apply their knowledge in exam conditions, interview situations and beyond. 

Charisma will promote skills, qualities and attributes vital for further and higher education, and the world of apprenticeship and work.  Students will be equipped with the tools needed to be able to make a successful leap to their next step

Very dynamic, very  relevant, very unique.

Watch this space…


Years 7, 8 and 9


Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

We keep it simple.

Spirit and Flair both offer all aspects of our Learn to Thrive curriculum content and are similarly fluid in terms of detailed composition, one of the fantastic aspects of our cross-curricular approach (see provision overview).  

Students will access English & Literacy, Maths & Numeracy, Science, Humanities, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Learning For Life and Sport.

Learning in terms of curricular knowledge is suitably layered year on year, with regular consolidation and appropriately paced progression through Spirit and then Flair, so that Year 9 students are suitably prepared for Charisma in Years 10 and 11.

Learning in terms of skill sets is implicit throughout, ensuring our students are equipped with the tools necessary to thrive lifelong.

From Spirit to Flair, and from Flair to Charisma there is a clear, structured 'PACE' transition to the next learning chapter in each student’s personal pathway



a step taken
to develop


Transitions between Chapters prepare students for a change of pace, expectation and content through explicit, structured PACE sessions.  Our young people work with students in the next Chapter, to experience and evaluate the next stage, before moving forward.

From Charisma onto life beyond Abbot's Way there is a supported 'LEAP' transition  - for info click here

Learning For Life, our pastoral programme, builds students’ awareness of the Wider World, their own Brain and Physical Health & Safety, the World of Work and Social Skills. 

Experiential learning is intrinsic through all learning and therapeutic areas.

Our curriculum is delivered through blended learning sessions and very regular Venture Days and events.

Comfy clothing and wellies are at the top of the kit list!

Learning Chapters