Here is a simple guide to the process of applying for an EHCP

Apply for an ‘EHC needs assessment’. 

You can apply directly to the Local Authority (LA).  Your child’s current mainstream school can apply, possibly through your child’s teacher or the SENCO at the school.  Others who work with your child, such as your doctor, can also tell the local authority if they think an assessment is needed.

Once your local authority identifies that your child has SEN or receives a request for an assessment, they have up to six weeks to decide whether to carry one out. During that time, they will ask you and others, such as your child’s current or/and preferred school, for information to help them make that decision

If the LA considers there is no need for an assessment you can appeal.

If the LA considers there is need for an assessment, they will gather information from you, your child, your child’s current school, professionals i.e. educational psychologist etc.  From the information gathered the LA will decide whether an EHCP is appropriate.

If the LA considers there is no need to issue an EHCP you can appeal.

If your local authority decides to proceed with an EHC plan, they should work closely with you and your child to make sure the plan takes full account of your views, wishes and feelings. Once the plan has been written, a draft will be sent to you which will not contain the name of the school or other setting your child will attend.

Once you receive the draft plan you will have a statutory number of days to go back to the LA if you are not happy with anything written in it.  You are able to request a particular school to be named.

Because of amendments it maybe that a number of draft plans are issued before the Final.  The LA will also at this point name the school.

If you are unhappy with the school named you can appeal.