Governing Body

We are building a governance team who will assure external scrutiny and accountability across all areas of the school; safeguarding, finance, education and pastoral outcomes, HR, Health & Safety, school self-evaluation and development.

Abbot's Way will report to the governing body termly, with subsequent meetings to discuss the content and any queries raised.

If you would like to contact our Governing Body please email via the Clerk to Governors

Richard Walker

Having spent his formative years living at ‘The Lakes’ when it was a boarding house for a former SpLD school and working for the school through his latter education, Richard has been immersed from a very young age in the world of education. Since leaving university with a 2:1 in Computer Network Management & Design 15 years ago Richard runs a successful ICT consultancy business specialising in the education sector. Richard is also an NICEIC Electrical Contractor along with holding a HGV and PSV license. He brings this knowledge, experience and much more with him to Abbots Way. 

Outside of work, he is married to Claire, a Maths teacher, has 2 young children and enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, doing DIY, Bell Ringing for his local church and playing skittles for a local pub team. 

James Watson

Having experienced a specialist education himself, James is a successful, self-made businessman and a perfect example of an entrepreneurial dyslexic who has channelled his strengths and used his learning difference to his advantage. 

James’ creativity, together with his natural leadership and collaboration skills have supported his journey to where he is today.

Now based in Cornwall, James devotes his time to his outdoor business ventures, sport, and his family. He brings energy, aspiration and absolute commitment to Abbot’s Way, with experience of assuring business viability and longevity.

David Pugh

David has been involved with education all of his life, having been a pupil, teacher, Headteacher, lecturer, Ofsted inspector, school governor, Chair of Governors, a National Leader of Governance, and has been involved in governance of schools for over forty years.   David passionately believes that collaboration between schools and individuals is essential in order to grow. He has chaired Academic Councils, a Co-operative Trust and a school Governing Body, and is currently chairing a Local Governance Committee of a 1300+ secondary Academy which is part of a MAT, he feels that it is clear that honesty and transparency are key to positive working relationships. 

David has always believed that children deserve the best possible environment in which to work and thrive, and that their needs are paramount. Providing that environment is not only down to finances available but more in finding the right people to invest in for the future of our children. Education is then about creating conditions for productive work whilst recognising the challenges which schools meet every day, he is a great believer that there are no problems, only solutions!